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MNC Horseshoes

MNC Company History

Our history now dates back 3 generations as blacksmiths, farriers and engineers, combining traditional methods with new to help a farrier to achieve a well shod horse.

MNC is a member of the Head group of companies, the mother company being Charles Head Ltd, originally formed as a business in 1946.

After WWII, the late Charles Head, a recently demobbed solider acquired the goodwill, fixtures and stock of a blacksmiths, farrier’s, wheelwrights and agricultural engineers business in fenny Stratford, Buckinghamshire, now part of the new city of Milton Keynes.

Charles married Marie Mackenzie, a highland lass from Inverness and the story begins. Mac arrived in 1948 and Charles Head now employed 5 men at the forge, shoeing farm horses, hunters and racehorses, repairing agricultural machinery and making trailers and even steel framed buildings, the business prospered through good fortune and hard work.

Mac trained as a blacksmith, farrier and general engineer, eventually leaving Charles Head to setup his own farriery practice. He was National Champion of Great Britain in 1973 and passed the FWCF examination in 1975. Soon the farriery practice was to specialise in shoeing lame horses for local vets and farriery for thoroughbred bloodstock.

The forging, engineering and farriery combination led Mac into consultancy work with companies that were manufacturing horseshoes and horseshoe nails. A decision was taken that rather than work for others, the Head family would open their own design and manufacturing capability.

Mackenzie Nail Company was formed to develop a modern method of making horseshoe nails and MNC (“my newest company”) to design and manufacture horseshoes.

Charles Head Ltd is still in Fenny Stratford. Mackenzie Nail company developed its process and is manufacturing top quality horseshoe nails outside the UK. MNC expands its ever growing number of designs of horseshoes. Mac and Sue have two sons, Sam and Richard. Sam runs the farriery practice, specialising in shoeing competition horses. He assists with the design of horseshoes bringing a younger opinion into the product. Richard works in administration, both are directors.

Many millions of MNC horseshoes have been fitted to horses worldwide. MNC products are very successful in the UK market and are evermore being distributed worldwide.

Attention to detail is second to none and so is our commitment to the farrier. Our main aim is to provide the farrier with a good horseshoe at a cost which gives value for money.

Our selection of shoes, nails and accessories include respected brands as well as our own range of specifically designed dropped forged shoes.

If you cannot find the product you are looking for please contact our sales team on 0800 043 1493

Please remember that our UK sales are to registered farriers only.

This website is owned and operated by MNC Limited who are dedicated to providing quality cost effective solutions to your shoeing needs. If you have any suggestions, comments or need to contact us please email us using the link on the Contact Us page of this website.

Our Contact details are:

MNC Limited
51 Burners Lane South
Kiln Farm
Milton Keynes
MK11 3HA

United Kingdom

Telephone Number: 01908 568 878
Fax Number: 01908 568 649
VAT Registration Number: 678983256
Company Registration Number: 2874405